Request for Proposal: Health Equity Education Planning and Facilitation

We are delighted to announce that the Funders Oral Health Policy Group (FOHPG) is currently accepting proposals for a health equity expert to design and lead the group through programming around health equity.

Potential contractors will have previous experience in working with groups and organizations to promote health equity in the workplace and communities they serve through both policy and systems change. The contractor will plan a focused series of learning and networking conversations to support oral health funders in identifying and addressing policies that promote or limit oral health equity.

With the contractor's help, by the end of 2021, FOHPG members will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how power, racism, and other systems of advantage are at the root of health and social inequities

  • Be able to identify obvious barriers to equitable oral health outcomes and the role that funders can play in addressing those barriers

  • Have a greater understanding of how to infuse equity into their programmatic and policy frameworks to prioritize structural solutions that target our policies, systems, institutions, and narratives to achieve societal change

  • Begin to identify commonalities in their programmatic and policy work and opportunities for collaboration to improve oral health equity 

Read the full request for proposal here

Please note: Proposals must be submitted as a PDF document to by end of the day, Monday, November 30.

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