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Three Things AFL Can Do for You Right Now: Rebuilding the Safety-Net Dental Delivery System

We know that the value of dentistry isn’t in the procedures they do – it lies in the dental professionals’ training, understanding of the science and the disease process, and their ability to communicate with patients and families to manage their health. That is the reason why teledentistry can be instrumental for many families in our communities, now more than ever.

After reviewing recently published teledentistry guidelines (from CMS, ADA, and other government agencies and organizations) and thinking critically about how they will impact dental providers, we think this is an opportunity for dental professionals to:

  1. Continue to support families in managing their oral health.

  2. Keep people out of the emergency room.

  3. Provide expert advice in oral health maintenance and disease prevention.

  4. Maintain limited operations while generating revenue to stabilize their practices.

AFL is here to help guide safety-net dental practices through this challenging time. Here are three ways that AFL can help your practice right now:

  1. Help you develop a workflow for teledentistry.

  2. Coach you and your team to implement the teledentistry workflow.

  3. Collaborate to encourage patient engagement and deliver risk-based, patient-centered care.

Our quality improvement work over the past five years has largely focused on delivering dental care via teledentistry. Partnerships with NNOHA, the City of San Francisco, and the SMILES Dental Project® have demonstrated success with this mode of care and have recognized Colleen Lampron, AFL President and Owner, as a leader in implementing teledentistry practices.

We think oral health care providers, legislators, and insurers have an opportunity to re-design the dental delivery system for patient-centered, equitable care and we are eager to help your practice. Let us help you and your team leverage telehealth, adapt and evolve. Email us at or give us a call at (720) 439-9732 today!


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