How We Help

AFL Enterprises, LLC, is a health care quality improvement and public health planning, implementation, and evaluation company that works with organizations to test and implement new ideas and find efficiencies in their work. We also support organizations by instructing health care providers and informing them about current, evidence-based best practices, recent innovations, and areas for growth and research in the field of public health.

Why AFL?

• Extensive public health experience and expertise in implementing leading-edge strategies and best practices to improve health care.  


• A focus on innovation and quality improvement. As a leader in the dental quality field, with documented success in designing and leading learning communities, AFL uses the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Methodology to improve health outcomes and build lasting foundations for transformative care (from local laboratory to national policy and practices). 


• Project specialists with a unique combination of skills and expertise to steer a project from scope to completion and the ability to interact and support stakeholders across the business. 


• Customer service is our top priority. Our company has a reputation for excellence and expertise, and our team is committed to upholding this standard. 

Areas of Expertise

Program Planning and project Management

Need help developing a new project workplan or refining an existing one? We can also help with implementing your workplan and project management. Maybe you are dealing with a current project that is struggling? Let AFL come in and facilitate a Scrum meeting around your existing workplan. Wherever you are in your work, we are here to help! 

Facilitating Collaboratives for Breakthrough improvement

AFL leads Quality Improvement Collaboratives for numerous nonprofit and government projects. This work includes developing a Collaborative Workplan, convening an expert team to research and create a change package and other associated technical content, managing participant and subcontractor recruitment, and planning and leading

in-person Learning Sessions.

Thought Leadership and Measurement for Improvement

Colleen Lampron, MPH, is trained as an Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series Collaborative Director and Quality Improvement Coach. She has led several initiatives to integrate quality improvement (QI) strategies into both private and federally funded dental centers nationwide; in service to creating better health care access and better outcomes for individuals and families. A cornerstone of Quality Improvement work is the development of comprehensive metrics used to help track and monitor your QI journey. When tracking improvement, it is important to consider how the data will be used, staff training needs, and which measures will drive change. AFL can evaluate current or developing programs and systems to assess opportunities for improvement. Our team can also evaluate your database user interface and work with you to make it simple, efficient, and easy to use.

Meeting Planning and Logistics

(virtual or In-person)

AFL’s meeting planning team is here to assist with your public health event from start to finish. We take the headache out of meeting planning by helping you with everything from big decisions like location, budget, and content, to the small details like signage, A/V, and participant packets. From programs with ten attendees to 1,000, we can manage all your event logistics. We build contingency plans for every event and can quickly adapt from in-person to virtual meetings. Let us make your event a success! 

AFL’s Uniform Data System (UDS) Analysis Database (UAD) is a menu-driven Microsoft Access application that allows organizations to efficiently manage, store, and report on health center UDS data. The UAD menus enable your organization to import the HRSA data files available through HRSAs Electronic Handbook website and store your data in one local database. This saves countless hours on data entry and allows your organization to produce hundreds of different UDS reports quickly and accurately.

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