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How We Help

AFL Enterprises, LLC, is a health care quality improvement and public health planning, implementation, and evaluation company that works with organizations to test and implement new ideas and find efficiencies in their work. We also support organizations by instructing health care providers and informing them about current, evidence-based best practices, recent innovations, and areas for growth and research in the field of public health.

Why AFL?

• Extensive public health experience and expertise in implementing leading-edge strategies and best practices to improve health care.  


• A focus on innovation and quality improvement. As a leader in the dental quality field, with documented success in designing and leading learning communities, AFL uses the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Methodology to improve health outcomes and build lasting foundations for transformative care (from local laboratory to national policy and practices). 


• Project specialists with a unique combination of skills and expertise to steer a project from scope to completion and the ability to interact and support stakeholders across the business. 


• Customer service is our top priority. Our company has a reputation for excellence and expertise, and our team is committed to upholding this standard. 

  • Our work encompasses everything from conceptualizing innovation to respond to a changing health care environment, to multi-year project management and learning community facilitation. Click here to view a sampling of current and recent projects.

  • Our partners range from small nonprofit organizations to large governmental entities. No matter your size, we can custom tailor solutions to fit your project and business needs.

  • From planning your next health care conference (in-person or virtual) to working one-on-one with your leadership team to evaluate local and system-wide improvement opportunities, AFL offers a variety of services to fit your public health planning and implementation needs.

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