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UDS Analysis Database




The UDS Analysis Database (UAD), is a menu-driven Access application that allows organizations to gather, store, and report on health center UDS data. The UAD menus allow your organization to import the HRSA data files available through HRSA's Electronic Handbook website (xml and Excel file formats) and store your data in one local database. 


Once you've imported the data files into the UAD, there are hundreds of reports available to you so that you can view data on your health centers individually, as an aggregate, or in specific groups. There's also national data and Healthy People 2020 data included for comparing statewide trends to national trends or HP2020 goals. You can also export any of the data into Excel to compile your own reports or graphs. 


A few benefits of using UAD, are that it: 

  • saves you countless hours of time on data entry and report compilations, 

  • gives you an efficient way to manage and store your UDS data, 

  • ensures the accuracy of the data by allowing you to directly import HRSA produced UDS files, 

  • gives you the ability to analyze the UDS data and compare health center data to state, national, and HP2020 goals, and 

  • allows you to produce hundreds of different UDS reports, quickly and accurately 

To find out more, or to request a demonstration of the UAD, simply drop us a note.

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Praise for UAD

"CCHN has been partnering with AFL Enterprises for over 12 years on the UAD. Having access to this database allows CCHN and CO CHCs to assess operations, collaborate on best practices to help CHCs reach their financial and clinical performance goals, inform our technical assistance efforts, and also to better educate our stakeholders on the amazing work of the CHCs. Additionally, this database allows us to analyze and utilize UDS data 5-6 months before we can gain access to a portion of the data via EHB. Due to the data sharing agreement CCHN has with every health center in the state, each health center receives a report that reflects their UDS data as well as the statewide comparison. These reports are shared annually with executive health center staff to inform robust discussions on performance and best practices sharing."

"We've been using the UAD from AFL Enterprises for years, too. I request the UDS data files from the CHCs when their submissions to HRSA are finalized each spring, and even though I can't open them in their original format, they import smoothly and easily into the UAD. A big plus for us is that we can then use the data outside the confines of the HRSA data use agreement. It's also helpful in identifying collaboration and funding opportunities with external partners throughout the year, as we can talk about the populations, demographics, number of kids/Medicare/Medicaid (you name it) being served by the health centers. It's also helpful in talking with the public about the role and value of health centers. Phil understands the PCA perspective, and he will also make custom reports for you (for a fee) if you have particular information that you want to pull out of the database that exceeds the usual reports available. I think the cost of the annual update is worth it in the staff time saved alone."

"We have used the UDS Analysis Database for many years in Iowa. It is GREAT! We use it throughout the year for many purposes. We also run trend reports for individual centers. It is definitely worth the investment. I'd be happy to talk with you about how we use it."

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