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Our Story

Our story began in 2006, when health care organizations began reaching out to our founders to ask for help with small, time-limited public health and database projects.  Colleen and Phil loved this work so much that it didn’t really feel like work to them.  “This work is so fun, why are they hiring us to do it?” they asked themselves. Our founders realized that clients were not only looking for public health expertise, but also for a partner who could provide them with seamless project planning, management and execution.​


AFL is unique because we enjoy new challenges and find creative ways to work within our clients’, often limited, budgets. We can help you get started with your creative idea and figure out ways to stretch your resources over time for maximum impact. Our company was formed to serve others and our work today continues to focus on building systems that support under-served families and communities. We thrive on truly contributing to improving health care nationwide through expert project management, quality improvement projects and program planning, implementation, and evaluation.


AFL is a women-owned small business (“WOSB”) as designated by the U.S. Small Business Administration,) and SBA certified in Denver, Colorado, 8 (a) application pending.

The AFL Promise

Our customers can expect:

  • Creative vision and problem-solving - we will partner with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish and design a strategy to get you there.

  • Public health expertise - our team is passionate about public health.  We care as much about our work as our clients and will do what it takes to get the job done.

  • Strong partnership - we believe in and support the mission of our clients and we establish strong partnerships to support them in their work.

  • Successful projects done on time and on budget!


Last year, our Breakthrough Series Collaborative participants transformed care in their communities:
127 dental programs supported (FQHCs, DSOs, & Private Practice)
5,223 sealants placed 
Over 500,000 kids served
Contact us to find out how you can make a greater impact in your community!

Mission:  Inspiring health care providers to develop systems that provide evidence-based quality care.​

How:  AFL makes a difference by:​

  • Implementing leading-edge strategies and best practices to improve health care

  • Designing and leading learning communities to improve health outcomes and build lasting foundations for transformative care (Local laboratory to national policy and practices)

  • We are building a work environment that encourages and supports each other’s growth and success​

  • Our work is innovative and moves the field of oral health and quality improvement forward​

  • We are all committed to excellence and service​

  • We expect our team to give their best effort at work and to live balanced lives​

  • Our company has a reputation for excellence and expertise​

Our Mission and Vision

The AFL Team

Colleen Headshot.jpg
Colleen Lampron
Owner and President

Colleen Lampron, Owner and President of AFL, has more than 25 years’ experience in nonprofit operations and public health program implementation (including FQHCs). She is an experienced project leader with expertise in planning innovative public health initiatives that promote access to care for underserved populations. Proficiencies include designing quality improvement strategies and overseeing local and national initiatives using a collaborative approach that advances innovations (e.g., IHI’s Breakthrough Series model), and supports systematic and continuous quality improvement measures.

Since 2015, Colleen has worked to bring the virtual dental home to Colorado. As the Project Director for the SMILES Dental Project®, which has provided more than 10,000 patient visits in 2½ years using teledentistry, Colleen provides technical assistance to FQHCs, and monitors the state and national policy environment to support access to care for underserved populations. The breadth and depth of her competencies are especially relevant to visualizing, planning, designing, and launching new projects that integrate innovations in the field and align with funder requirements. She is also a sought-after facilitator and dental quality improvement coach. Colleen holds a master’s degree in public health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in public health from West Chester University.

Phil Ferrero
COO, CFO & Database Developer

Phil Ferrero has been designing and developing technology solutions for small to mid-size organizations for 20 years. Phil brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience, and a focus on easy-to-use integrated technology solutions. His understanding of business processes comes from real-world experience in public health, manufacturing, accounting, finance, operations, and management. His specialties include technology integration, relational database design and development, Microsoft Office automation, and data manipulation and migration.

Phil graduated with an MBA from the University of Colorado Denver and earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Penn State University.

Paul Headshot.jpg
Paul Rohde
Project Manager

Paul Rohde brings over seven years of public health experience in local, national and government settings to our projects. His work has included program planning and implementation, organizing and running training and strategic planning sessions and facilitating Learning Collaboratives utilizing IHI’s Breakthrough Series model. Paul has successfully navigated quality improvement and technical assistance projects with FQHCs and health care systems across the country. He earned a bachelor’s degree in public health from Winona State University and a master's in public health from Boston University.

Leah Headshot.jpg
Leah Arneson
Special Projects

Leah Arneson has over six years of experience managing and coordinating projects for nonprofit organizations and government entities. She is skilled in meeting planning and logistics, task management and project scheduling, cost and contract management, and communications.  Leah received a bachelor's degree from Beloit College. 

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