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Preventive Teledentistry Collaborative

We are excited to announce a free teledentistry learning opportunity for San Francisco Dental practices! Join the Preventive Teledentistry Collaborative, a new, virtual learning community that will test and implement teledentistry for children age 0-5 enrolled in Medi-Cal Dental.

Participating practices will appoint staff members to form improvement teams to participate in monthly webinars, virtual coaching, and regular data monitoring and reporting. Over the course of six months, with the help of their coaches and Collaborative faculty, teams will conduct small-scale tests of change and turn successful changes into standard practice to design a high quality, reliable system to re-start your practice using value-added teledentistry to deliver preventive services.

Teams will receive a monthly payment of $1000 for up to six months for their improvement team’s participation.   

The Preventive Teledentistry Collaborative is part of the Dental Access Collaborative, a pilot under the San Francisco Dental Transformation Initiative Local Dental Pilot Project (SF DTI LDPP). The goal of the SF DTI LDPP is to improve the oral health of Medi-Cal Dental beneficiaries ages 0-5 in San Francisco. Through the Dental Access Collaborative, dental practices in San Francisco can receive no-cost training and technical assistance for breakthrough improvement through collaborative learning.   

Check out our FAQ sheet to learn more! Questions? Contact AFL Enterprises at (805) 491-5741 or

Update: Enrollment closed in May of 2020.


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